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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Life in London


How is everyone? This is a bit of an update of what we've been up to in between work recently.
Well we have been out and about on our weekends and making the most of the lovely weather we've been having here.

We went to South-end-on-Sea with Sam's Aunty Liz and her family. It is a typically English seaside resort town with a theme park at the sea (unlike anything we've seen in Oz). We had some lovely seafood for lunch at a nice restraunt sitting outside then had a game of mini golf and some rides at the park. It was a really fun day...

Our friend Bekki arrived a couple of weeks ago (who i used to live with). I picked her up from Heathrow and we had a couple of days catching up which was great! Bekki is now staying with an old school friend a bit out of London. We may all end up renting together again here in the near future as bekki is here for a working-holiday also. Later the same week Sam's Aunty Celia arrived here back at her house. It was nice to see her and everything is going well here together.

Last weekend Bekki, Spence, Tor and their neighbours, Linda and Ian came over for drinks then we went to a nice restraunt down the road for dinner. It was nice to all catch up with Celia and Bekki having just arrived. We've been seeing a bit of Linda and Ian lately also and they are great fun...
Last weekend was one of the first weekends of lovely, summer weather here. We made the most of it by going into Green Park in London and lazing around. It's a very popular pastime for Londoners when the sun is out! There were people hiring deck chairs and the place was packed. It was a really nice day. We later strolled down to Piccadilly Circus and had dinner at a pub before going to the movies later that night....

During the week i had a day off to meet my cousin Kylie and her 2 little kids, Oscar and Ava and spend the day with them. They stopped here in London for Anthony's work on their way back to Australia for a holiday from NY. We went to Kensington Palace then had a really nice late lunch there. In Kensington gardens there is a great Princess Diana Memorial Park where Oscar played for a while. It was really great to see them - but forgot the camera!

This weekend had been another big one with a night out on Friday with Bekki, Linda, Ian, Tor, Spence and their friend Nick. We had drinks then dinner at a yummy Himalayan restraunt. Then last night Sam's cousin Claire and her husband Mark had a "seven year itch" party where the theme was vintage film star. Here are some photos...

Work is going really well. I am getting plenty of shifts and going to the same hospitals quite often which is good. Sam has been supervisor of his new job for the last couple of weeks while someone is on holidays. So that is great experience for him and he is really enjoying it.

All this work has paid off because in just over a week we are heading off for a nice big holiday in the US. We'll be visiting L.A, San Francisco, Vegas, Miami, NY and Niagra Falls. We're back to London on the 15th July. We're really looking forward to a summer holiday and seeing Mum and John over there! So the next Blogg will be about our America trip.

Bye for now everyone, miss you all

Love Anita & Sam xoxox ps. please leave us a comment :)