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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Girls trip to Bath

Hey guys,
I just wanted to add some pics from a couple of weeks ago when i went to Bath with 2 of my best friends, Bekki and Leah. Leah was visiting for only a month so just before she flew back to brissy we took the oportunity for a real catch-up girls weekend. Sam was happy to be left at home cause no doubt he'll take a boys trip with Toby when he visits in Jan.

Anyway, us girls drove down (about 2.5hrs from London) on Saturday morning. We were there by lunch time and then after a yummy lunch we had an afternoon of relaxation . We all had an hour long massage then visited the Thermae Bath Spa. This is where we floated about for a couple of hours in the hot natural spring water. It was beautiful.

We stayed in a sweet B&B (actually the same place we stayed back in March with mum cause it was great), ate great food, drank nice wine and had a wonderful time. On sunday we spent the day shopping and looking about town. And we also drove back past Stonehenge to show Bekki and Leah.
It was a really nice weekend :) Bath is the perfect place for it,

Next weekend Sam and i are off to Copenagen, Amsterdam and Brussels so we're looking forward to that and will fill you in when we get home

Cya, love Anita xox


  • Hi Chook,

    Nice to see photos of Bath - reminds me of when we were there, of course. Were you in exactly the same room that we had?! It looks like it. Some great photos of the three of you - that will be great to look back on later.

    Bye, love, Mum xxx

    By Blogger Gae and John, at 3:06 PM  

  • Just caught up with your last few blogs. Wow!! You have had some great trips. Good on you. Had a laugh about the night in the hostel, even though it wouldn't have been very nice at the time. Definitely no shared facilities in the future!

    By Anonymous sandra & michael, at 9:06 PM  

  • HI Neet, some of those photo's are lovely!! It really was a great weekend. Seeing photo's of you makes me miss you!! xox Leah xox

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:21 AM  

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